Day 2: Reflection


I thought that this time
I would see myself
For who I really am.

Wooden backing
In my mirror, like friends
Whispering flattery.

Too many ripples in the ocean
To see my face; I rely on the
Kindness of strangers.

They say I’m good,
I’m beautiful, I’m the
Shining light in the darkness.

Don’t lie to me, I know
My insides better than my out
I don’t need a mirror in there

To see that all is not paradise.
It’s eels and chains; monsters
In cages. You think that this

Control means I’m uncaring
And distant, that my silence means
That I’m cold?

It’s only restraining fire that will consume you
Decimate your world to ash
In a single instant.

It’s only chaining a cruel monster,
Waiting to unleash chaos
On the world.

Don’t be fooled by the exterior
No matter how innocent it might seem;
Beautiful predator captures

Prey. Pray that today
Remains safe enough for tomorrow
To come. Pray that the

Chains remain, and don’t slip;
Hope that my loved ones stay
Safe. Because in that dreadful day

All of this can change in an instant,
This angel will just as easily become
An avenger without mercy.

So, tell me what my outsides look like,
I’ll stare down into the river
Acheron and Styxx

And hold my palms down
To the surface, to keep the surface
Wavy, to keep the darkness inside.

“The Shadow. Don’t we all have one? Mine is often trying to free itself from the shadow world where it resides… Sometimes I wonder, if the beast is really, just the unspoken silenced parts of me that wish to share some ancient wisdom…” ~The Beast by Francesco1969


Writing 101 - Daily Poem course. Day 2 of 10
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