Day 1: Magic


“Cause you know that I, can make you believe/In love and sex and magic” ~Ciara ft.Justin Timberlake Love Sex Magic

You always make me believe
You hold all the cards in your hands
Fingers gloved in leather
Metal studs for knuckles.

You always kiss me like
The moment will last forever,
Leisurely moments of

Somehow, we never felt
That urgency, crippling with
Intention although I sometimes
Wished we had.

Electrocution in your fingers,
Instant execution of your demands;
Succumb…Pliant putty
In your leather hands

That held all the cards.
You could turn ordinary
Into special with one wave
Of those talented hands.

Framing my face in the mirror,
You turned blah into beautiful;
Slump to strong, smelting the ore
Into steel with careful handling.

It’s funny, because even when
Those cards fall away
Scattered on the floor
Fallen out of your nimble hands.

I am still there, tracing your face
With my fingers;
Turning gold into treasure,
With a wave of an arm.

I’m still there,
Holding you close
Collecting all the cards
Keeping it together.

You helped me believe,
I could hold all those cards in my hand;
Fingers wrapped in subtle leather,
Brass knuckles for studs.

Now I kiss you back,
With intense emergency;
Because now I feel it-
I do have what it takes to make…


Writing 101 - Daily Poem course. Day 1 of 10: Stay tuned. 🙂

Click here for Day 2 of 10

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