3D3Q: Day 3 – Brunt and Blunt

The rules:

  1. Must post 3 consecutive days in a row.
  2. Can choose between 1 or 3 Quotes
  3. Must challenge 3 different bloggers per day

3 nominees:

Thank you Cherrytato for giving me this awesome challenge!!


3 Day 3 Quote Challenge (3D3Q):
Day 3 – Brunt and Blunt


Safe isn’t happy

It’s okay to be different
Be selfish sometimes

Sometimes it’s not okay to be safe, to remain without risk can be safe, but that will not ensure forward momentum. Take a risk, be different. Be Bold and seize your life with both hands.






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I am artist, analyst, author, poet, composer, musician to name a few aspects of myself. A bit of a jack of trades, I dabble into many fields that encourage the blossom of imagination and allow me to channel my creativity. I dream vividly and view the world through the lens of optimism and opportunity while acknowledging the ink and shadows.

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