3D3Q: Day 2 – Components for Success

3 Days 3 Quote Challenge (3D3Q):

The rules:

  1. Must post 3 consecutive days in a row.
  2. Can choose between 1 or 3 Quotes
  3. Must challenge 3 different bloggers per day

3 nominees:

  1. Kathy’s Blog
  2. ToKillaMimingBird
  3. The Apprentice 


Day 2 – Components for Success

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All the pieces are there. It all comes down to you. You have the ingredients to become the best you can be, you just need to focus on optimizing your talents.

The success is within you. Let it grow, nurture it, strengthen it, and never lose it.

You. Are your most valuable asset.



2 thoughts on “3D3Q: Day 2 – Components for Success”

    1. Thanks blackcherriess! I’m so glad you enjoyed them. 🙂 Even though I used second person, it was also a message to remind myself about these important factors. I’m glad that sharing these quotes has proved encouraging.


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