Open belts like tongues,
Lolling after cats,

Panting for milk with raving lunacy,
Never a stemmed brain cell between the eyes
Tongue in cheek.

Everyone wants to use him.
It’s amusing, to lose ’em.

What a mockery! when the strings of the temptress
Is mistaken for the manipulation of a master,

Taking only as much as is given,
Strangling the neck beneath a submitted head,
Sore loser.

Give away the keys to the kingdom,
Caste your crown beneath her feet

Loneliness, a more faithful companion
Disappointment builds stronger character,
Than any witch.

Quagmire of lies, mistress of deception,
Judas’ lips never tasted as sweet
Ma chére.

Inspired by “Sin City A Dame to Die For” which I finally got around to watching this week. I enjoyed it. 🙂


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