Privilege: Them Days

Forgive me for being unrealistic
But life seems like shit
Even with a roof over my head
Warm clothes and food- too much
A job and bare necessities
Hierarchy of needs are met with ease
I still feel angry for nothing
Raging at no one
With a feeling of injustice
Deep within.

The closest I can describe
Is when, at a tender age
I couldn’t play with the other kids
Because I had homework to finish;
And the day would end, and the fun would die
Everyone would got to their beds
But not me- because I had that DAMN HOMEWORK TO FINISH!
That sense of unfair, of injustice
A coal to roast my anger
Unrealistic rage.

You may think it’s trivial
But to me, it is meaningful
Realistic and a flaming
Two edged sword.
A first world privilege
To rage at nothing
To scream at no one
Because duty stayed me from fun
And I feel left out

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