I am at your disposal

He said. I smiled.  And then I wondered: what exactly does that mean? Use me, then lose me Discard at your convenience? Can you imagine? Being discarded, disposed of? Like soiled toilet paper, or people who know too much. The number for disposal is 86. As in "Eighty-six that". It's hard not to have a selfish... Continue Reading →

It Began With a Kiss

It began with a kiss, so Wet and cool as she pressed her lips to Mine. Gliding over my face and caressing. Hesitant retreat to resurge in spontaneity And those soft hands… We dance slowly, sprawled among each Other, quickly caught up in the moment, Slipping, sliding, seems like we’re dying. Divesting, transcending the need... Continue Reading →

Awards: Versatile Blogger

Thank the person who gave you this award. Include a link to their blog. Next, select 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly. Nominate those 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award. Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself. Thank you! To Rosemawrites for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award!... Continue Reading →

Coffee #6: Renewed

Hey, sorry we couldn't meet yesterday for our coffee break. But I understand that vacation is a busy time away from the normal rhythms. I'm sending you a series of emails instead, hope you don't mind, we still are unable to translocate things like coffee through the wireless. Anyway, happy holidays, and thanks for reading.... Continue Reading →

Inspirational Perspective

Many thanks to Brian, who gave me permission to use his artwork in this post. @briansostrom: if there is anything I should correct regarding properly crediting you for your artwork please let me know (I do want to do it right). Inspired by Brian Sostrom's painting called Under (you'll want to visit this link, the picture... Continue Reading →

Identity #6

It's been a study of detail. This month, I've focused on three key focal points -no, four. Name Citizenship Persona Privacy   Name I want to change my name. The name I currently answer to has never felt like it belongs to me, and yet I respond to it, have responded to it for my entire... Continue Reading →

His majesty Tory the First

“So, what do you think?” Mom asked, excitedly. “About what?” I muttered. “My friend is giving me her cat. I’m picking it up today.” “Oh…” Typical. I’d been begging for a cat, since I was born (practically) and been denied the entire time. Then, as soon as I’m out of the family home, my Mom... Continue Reading →


"They call me Superman/ I'm here to rescue you" ~ Eminem Superman I wanted to save You. Wanted to step Between the crippling gale And your fragility. I wanted to hold you And say that it will be Better, I would move The world itself to make it So. I tried to say that I Would... Continue Reading →

Holidays…. *shrug

So I've hinted at this in older posts, but I don't really celebrate the holidays. I don't have anything against the holidays, or people who celebrate, but for me it's just another day off. But anyway, here's a rundown of my pros and cons regarding the current holidays. What I like about the holidays Sales Yup,... Continue Reading →

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