Writing #20: Everything the Light Touches

I’ve really enjoyed collaborating in the Writing 101 course. More than I could plot in words, but I’m gonna try anyway.

Imagine moving into a cave. Everyone keeps saying how wonderful it is, but when you arrive, it’s dark and cold and dank. At first, you stumble around l, trying to move in. Then as time passes you get more frustrated trying to establish a life in such “squalid conditions”.

In a fit of desperation, you call the community help line, and just start venting. At the end of it all, the representative politely says “sir, did you turn on the light switch?”

That’s what this course has been for me. I started this blog with the perspective that I was sending out glass bottles filled with notes into the vague great beyond. At first, it felt great that I was finally getting the words out, but then that feeling transitioned into loneliness when I didn’t know if anyone read the notes, or even saw it. Being in this course was amazing, because I became more of an engaged community member rather than a passive mailman.

I was sorely missing the engagement piece and this quickly showed me how important and fulfilling it can be. I made so many new friends and have learned so much on how to develop myself, my site, and my content.

To wrap up my allegory, I now have light, warmth, friends, and wine tasting. That’s how awesome it is now.

My aha moment? Getting to have conversations with people I’ve met throughout this process and realizing I am a part of a community who cares and supports and loves. ☺ how awesome! (This is a big deal for me.)

Going forward I want to stimulate more dialogue with friends and make new ones. I also want to take time to give more than just a like to posts I enjoy, because giving is so much better than receiving and receiving feels so damn goooood!

So December I’ve enrolled in 3 more writing and blogging university courses. 1 focuses on daily poetry, 2 focuses on commenting and connection with other people’s blogs and the 3rd one will help me develop a feature (weekly ideally) to post on consistently.

Look out world, I’m just getting started!

A special thank you to my followers, I’ve enjoyed getting to know you both through your blogs and through our conversations.

More special thanks to my Writing 101 alumni who provided such support and feedback on my work. Your words were as wind beneath my wings!

And finally, thank you to the Writing 101 admin. who were so great with answering my questions and encouraging my sometimes random digressions from the prompts.

Learn, grow, love.



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