Coffee Break #2: Get ye to the Gym!

Gah, I’m shlepping my homemade hot cocoa into my mug. Nothing glamorous this time, you’re catching me in a messy and compact day with lots more still to do.

But I always have time for you. Please, sit on my futon, and we’ll open the blinds and let the -OH MY GOD, THERE’S SUNLIGHT!!!- in through the windows. Don’t mind me, I’ve turned part-vampire from being inside so much the past few days…

So, while I rediscover my melanin, I’ll share that I’ve just come off of a very interesting and fun week. Not only did I get to go home, see the fam and bro and just hang out like a potato on the couch (okay, so I grew a leaf or two, so what?), I got to see my friends who came together to celebrate with me.
Plus my B-day happened recently, so that merely extended the feasting, fattening, and festivities for the entire week and spilled over into the weekend like muffin tops… I’ll have to exercise like crazy again, won’t I? Yes, yes you must.

I’ll wave off the smoke rising from my skin and tell you not to panic (it’s all part of the process, really!) before sharing that I had fun with the shopping spree this week, weekend, and upcoming Monday. I’d try not to break out in verbose detail about my store to store comparisons, identification of which coupons and deals netted the highest savings, or all the tabs I opened on my computer…and phone…and tablet…yeah. People were telling me, for the first time in my life I might add, to quote, Put down the DAMN PHONE because we are here to TALK not STICK TECHNOLOGY IN OUR OWN FACES.


I apologized profusely to my friends, and did it anyway. I’m a horrible person-BUT, I’m a horrible person who can multi-task. I legit could keep track of the conversations, contribute, and compare Walmart to Amazon, all the same time.

Believe me, you don’t want my brain.

I’ll inch into the shade for a bit and share that I’m recommitting to my fitness plans after all this gorging. Riiiiight after I finish the pie Mom sent up, along with the soy ice-cream (yum!) and the work party dinner tomorrow, and the 2nd (or 4th) b-day celebration dinner with other Sagittarius and the party I was invited to this weekend. I promise!!!

It’s a mater of life or death at this moment, like, if I don’t exercise, my tummy will ex-PLODE. Ah- I see your alarm. I promise this is just a food baby, not a real one, okay? Easy solution, just don’t eat for a bit…

I’d wet my beak with a long, deep gulp of warm cocoa before telling you that I’m prioritizing right this time. It’s a lot like prepping for New Years, I’m working on my resolutions early. It’s 40% mindset, 60% action no?

I feel like I pampered myself this week, so I’m feeling great overall.

Now that I’m all crispy and brown, like a marshmallow left in the fire to long, I’d say that I look forward catching up with you next weekend. Maybe we could go to starbucks and mock the offended people who are making a HUGE deal out of red cups when there are WARS happening people!!!

Smile politely.

So yeah, how was your week?



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