Writing #13: Let’s get to the point

I don't like to talk about day stuff, when I sell my time for dollars and cents. But I think that this is important to get off my chest, not just as a release, but because I intend to speak as a friend to a friend.

I’ll come right out and say it; whomever told you that you’re a robot without emotions or feelings should be bitch-slapped and stomped. I’m not violent, but I’ll deliver as necessary.

You articulated with words today the emotion that we all felt. You keep telling me that you are a terrible speaker, that you’re quiet and stoic. You are more expressive to me than people who go around talking 24/7. If people say otherwise, it’s because they don’t use their eyes or their senses to go beyond words to what is being said without words.

When the time is right, I’ll say this to you in person. But you are the most expressive person, who uses words wisely, and in the right quantity. So don’t listen to those people who tell you that you’re robotic or heartless, because they’re wrong.

They are WRONG.

You are an emotional human. Just as much as the next person. I admire that you don’t fall to pieces at the drop of a hat. I admire that resilience inside of you.

I admire you.

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