Writing #11: Bottoms up!!

With your coffee, what did you think I meant?

So, you drink your coffee and I’ll drink my mocha. I’m saving the real caffeine hit for my Ph.D. dissertation writing session. You’re lucky I didn’t order hot chocolate…

I hope you aren’t afraid of heights, because we’re pretty high up. The floor to ceiling windowpanes have us staring into a neighboring skyscraper a few blocks away. The afternoon sun is behind us, and the steel buildings glint like swords as the city stretches away to the skyline.

The dark marble floor and these overstuffed leather chairs gives this space a homey feel for me. Pardon me as I slouch, I’m relaxing now, not on the clock. I’m holding my ginormous “cafe” mug in both hands. It’s large enough to eat a healthy bowl of cereal from.

I’m trying not to be vain as I gingerly swirl my mocha. Which update should I share?


So, I’d share during our coffee break that I’m grateful for you being here with me, and for later reading about our shared experience. Having this individual chat with you is precious to me, so thank you for taking the time.

Gazing out at the panoramic view of the city, I’d share that I’m working on being more transparent in my blogging. I want to connect more sincerely, a step that can’t be done while hiding. That’s just unfair. So I’ve worked on letting go on some of those button-up details.

Taking a sip, I’d smile and say that I’m most likely going to be posting more pictures and quotes now. I’m also thinking about writing short responses to movies I watch- a short paragraph to review the merits of the film/tv show. I wonder if this would be too much, I have so much in this blog already, more items might sink the bloody ship!

To touch base on a neglected aspect, I am going to the gym now. Not every day, but I’m getting there. Step one is to go more than once a week. I’m eating better though. I made the most disgustingly healthy brownies from organic cocoa powder, bran, spelt flour, baking powder, walnuts, oats, stevia and xylitol (both 0 calorie sweeteners I use in everything now), and 90% pure chocolate chips. It tasted delicious to me, but then I’ve been raised on questionable fare (try not to picture what vegetable juice can taste like. Unappetizing to say the least).

I wanted my friends to try it, but I felt guilty for trying to trick them into eating it. Their wrinkled noses spoke volumes. And I thought guys would eat anything!

Hugging my nearly empty mug to my chest, I’d share that I’ve been thinking about cutting my hair. Barring that, maybe investing in hairstyles that mimic cut hair. I dunno, I’m still thinking about it. My next hair color combination will be a mix of dark and light green in the back, with light blond and pale brown in the front. I’m mimicking a beach, stay tuned.

I sat here blathering about myself this whole time. You haven’t even touched your coffee. Tell me about your coffee-cup updates. What would you like to say?



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