The lens is Cracked

Scream through me.
I’m hanging on your words
I can’t seem to give you
Anything you want.

I’m here for you all the time,
Any hour of every day.
Helpless and shaking

Till the end of everything

Just breath,

How about later?
Later meaning never,
I see what you’re doing
I’m judging you now.

Nothing but broken song lyrics
Not even my own words, just borrowed phrases,
You say so much better than I,
Be mindful and destroyed.

I stopped.
I said I love you.
I said I want you
Here, alive, with me.

Why do you always validate yourself,
Through another body
Instead of your own?
You are complete in yourself.

Inspired by ~Intervention: Collection S01 E06. This was more me reacting rather than me channeling like I usually do.

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