Writing #6: My writing as a Noun

Noun: answers who, what, when, where, and why

In my previous posts, I’ve answered the who and the why, time to dialogue about the what, the when, and the where of my writing.


  • Where do I write?

I write wherever. Honestly, I do a lot of writing while I watch tv. I love to multitask, almost to the point of ridiculousness. I’m watching Batman Begins right now, and Bruce just gave Rachel the antidote.

What a guy.

I write mostly at home. I’m a bit of a home body in that regard. It’s rare that I write outside, or in other locations, because that would involve planning, coordination, and time.

Not that I’m adverse to planning or coordination, I thrive on those principles. No, it’s the time. It takes time for me to relocate and write elsewhere, and in that span of time, I lose inspiration.

I’m one of those people who have to write stuff down, inspiration, thoughts, quotes, or else I’ll lose it all. Much brilliance has been lost in my life, because I didn’t write it down. Oh, for a pen!!

More about this below, in the writing habits.

  • Where am I productive?

I am productive wherever I please. Out of necessity, it tends to be mostly at home.

I’ve utilized all rooms of my house to write. I’m not picky about any of it.


  • What are my writing habits?

My writing habits differ depending on whether I am blogging or whether I am writing stories. When I blog, I tend to write with two parts responsibility and one part emotional inspiration. I fix on an idea or topic, and formulate the words around it. It is a composed process, without peaks of emotion. Methodical. Purposeful.

When I write stories, I write based on an emotion -viscerally. I literally “see” the setting and the story, “I” am the main character and can feel “my” emotions. “I” am the secondary characters, “I” am the antagonist. Full immersion. When I write about a captive fleeing through the woods, I can see the forest, hear the bird calls, feel the adrenaline, taste the fear, smell the blood…  When the emotion seizes hold, I write fanatically, tossing correct spelling to the wind so that I can transcribe the moment. Spell check comes second, because I’m not the world’s most accurate spell check system in the heat of the moment.

Similarly, writing poetry is often in the moment, in the emotion. A violent tapping of fingers. So much contained within lines and rhythm and rhyme. Emotion, motion, otion, tion, ion, on, n.

  • What equipment/supplies do I use to write?

The equipment/supplies I use to write include my laptop -speedy fingers, thank you Mavis Beacon- and traditional pen and paper, which is for when I’m away from home and have some sparks of inspiration. I dream of getting a typewriter.

My first story was written on a typewriter -I’m not that old, my parents were collectors of “antiquities”- and there is something so satisfying about the click of the keys and the chime of the return button.

My dream is to get another typewriter someday. I feel that my best novels will come from a typewriter.

In moments of desperation, aka no paper, I write on my skin so I don’t forget. Pen and skin. Great memory aids. I write tasks on the palms of my hand, I write important thoughts/inspirations on my skin so that I remember. It eventually washes away, but it buys me more time to transcribe it to paper.

  • What do I need/want in a physical space?

In a physical space, I don’t really have preferences, I tend to make do with what I have. idealy, I would have a space with a comfy, yet upright chair where I could sit cross legged, or curled, or whatever, and a desk at just the right height. Doesn’t have to be a desk per say.

I currently have a trunk 36″ diagonal that works perfectly. I got an empire chair -inflatable and very soft- that suits my purposes. My ideal setting arrangement.

I imagine that I would have a wall of creation when I begin my full length novel. Flashcards with key words and phrases and plot points. String connecting them in order, or not. A planning board.

That’s what I need, a planning board!! -New idea, yayyyyy…. so much work….

In my ideal writing space, I would need a tv, or something noisy in the background. I prefer tv because they give me new ideas and sparking ideas while I write.


  • When am I most productive in my writing?

I write best at night. My best stories have been before I go to bed, late in the night, or early in the morning, depending on how you look at it. Something in my brain just become so articulate at night, words just come to me without struggle or wrestling a thesaurus. The hardest point about that, is that I’m often taping my eyes open in a race against my sleepiness. The closer I am to falling asleep, the better my writing.

I’ve fallen asleep on my laptop before. See drool for details.

Let me be the pen. What would you like me to write?

I have a a request for you. I’ve written a variety of posts for several months now, and as we are approaching the end of the year, I’d like to give back to you, my viewing audience/community. In view of this, I am collecting suggestions through my contact page on what would you like me to write

Suggestions, feedback, notes… I accept them all. 

Thank you.


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