Writing #3-5: Secrets and Whispers

Inspirational Word: Secret

“Best way to keep your secrets from your enemies is to stop telling your friends.” ~Unknown

This made me laugh. Because the interpretation is inherently pessimistic. Is it that your friends can’t keep their mouths shut, or is it that your friends will eventually become your enemies and hence will know every secret and every way to hurt you?

Thus implying that you are the first and failed line of defense. If you wanted to keep a secret, you’d have to keep from telling a soul. Tell No One.

A dollar, every time I heard that word and the jubilee of secrecy resulted in the bursting of information from pinched lips held captive by mere seconds of restraint. Couldn’t have put more effort in?

I’ll say that I use secrets to test my “friends”. I’ll tell a friend something of minor importance, like, where I like to eat, or something otherwise insignificant. I’ll ask them to keep it a secret, they swear up and down that they’ll keep it, and within the span of a hour, everybody knows. It’s hilarious.

Apparently, I’m not meeting the right people to keep secrets… that aren’t really secrets. He that doeth great with least, also doeth great with much aka, if one can handle small responsibilities, then greater responsibilities will be no sweat. Book of O chapter 3 and verse 8.

Secrets aren’t just secrets. They are the currency of trust that can be tangible evidence of the strength of a friendship or allegiance. The secrets kept-or not- state more about the person who kept/didn’t keep the secret than it does about the person who owned the secret. It also shows the trust one person had in another, to expose vulnerability, to divulge a weakness, or to demonstrate their perceived depth of the relationship.

The secret-giver reached out, did the secret-taker also take advantage?

The surface is only a fraction of the whole ocean.

This picture immediately sucked me in. The swell of the waves, the bright sun shining coldly down, the shoreline deceptively near yet far. Like the swimmer treading water, it is easy to underestimate the importance of depth. Depth of water, depth of character.

The ocean holds many secrets, and only reluctantly relinquishes its hold on treasure, wrecks, bodies, and remnants. All welcoming, all embracing, none are denied his grasp. He accepts the titanic, the yacht, and the buoy with equal favor.

Like an iceberg, the majority of the sea is below the surface of the water. The volume isn’t immediately obvious from above, likewise, people are not always so easily measured from an initial impression or by passing knowledge. The secret is in studying, analyzing, and critical thinking. The secret is in the depth of the relationship.

Turning the eye inward, I can see myself in this picture. The surface value is one personality, and each depth fathomed is another individual component comprised of more vibrance and life than what can be seen at a glance. There is more to me than just my face, my body, my expressions. I have a brain, a heart, organs and blood. I have thoughts, emotions, dreams and aspirations. I have philosophies churning in my head, goals in my planning, and intentional determinations.

Look on from above, and you’ll never see any of it. It isn’t a secret, persay, it’s just that you never took the time to really get to know -me-.

Sometimes the secret is, you didn’t really want to know after all.

5 thoughts on “Writing #3-5: Secrets and Whispers”

    1. Thank you for your kind words. 🙂
      It’s funny how common this test is becoming. I had supervisors and bosses test me like that also. Like they say, if it’s effective, don’t change the MO.


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