Coffee Break #2: Get ye to the Gym!

Gah, I'm shlepping my homemade hot cocoa into my mug. Nothing glamorous this time, you're catching me in a messy and compact day with lots more still to do. But I always have time for you. Please, sit on my futon, and we'll open the blinds and let the -OH MY GOD, THERE'S SUNLIGHT!!!- in through the... Continue Reading →

Writing #20: Everything the Light Touches

I've really enjoyed collaborating in the Writing 101 course. More than I could plot in words, but I'm gonna try anyway. Imagine moving into a cave. Everyone keeps saying how wonderful it is, but when you arrive, it's dark and cold and dank. At first, you stumble around l, trying to move in. Then as... Continue Reading →

Writing #17: Mapping anywhere but here

No, you don't understand. Freedom isn't only a place, it's a feeling within me. I just happen to feel it when I'm far, far away!! It's breathtaking, what that emotion feels like. One of these days, I'm going to disappear for awhile, disconnect from all the distractions and just breath clean air for a change. I'll retain... Continue Reading →

Writing#18: Dancing -Ain’t no Thang!!

First Position "Alright class, welcome to Spanish dancing 101. Today, we'll be focusing on the basics." Pause while counting. "Okay, we don't have enough guys for partners, so are their any girls who want to learn lead position?" Looks for raised hands. Mine shoots up into the air. "Great, so you girls, come on this side... Continue Reading →

Writing #16: The Online Presence

Self censor - to restrict or edit one's own behavior in order to appear incognito, or to remain innocuous. To suppress one's natural instinct or inclination for the sake of blending in. Self censorship is like living in a cage of your own design, where every instinct and inclination is denied and where silence remains the... Continue Reading →

Writing #14: A day of Penance (fiction)

A short story in first person. Be forewarned, it's dark. "So, how are you?" 'I' paste a smile on 'my' face. "Doing good, how are you?" "Doing fine. How's your day?" 'I' tape the corners of 'my' mouth to maintain the smile. "Good, how's yours?" "Doing good." "Great. The chilled metal stings my fingers. I pull... Continue Reading →

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