Tracing Paper

A flask with a task, A gun in a glass. Cold clink against your lips, Click of drowning ice chips. I could taste the fire in you; Smoke, powder and subterfuge. Lingering, the trace of steel And iron grit beneath your wheel. Crimson stark and glistening spray, The echo of those words you deemed to... Continue Reading →

Embrace the Reaping of the Pain

He was such a chubby soul for such a troubled soul, I've gotten so used to being belittled, sometimes, in the subtle ways that it occurs. In a way, it is why I went silent for so long. Well, that and a swift punch to the face. Ever had your bones wired together to heal, threaded... Continue Reading →

Hi, my name is….

What? Who? ...Ha!! I'm not saying slim shady...shit I already said it. Okay, start again. Hi, my name is...________ Nothing and no one. It's hard to remember who I am when I'm schlepping to and from work, 10 hours a day, 6 days a week. Noble savages aren't born in the wild, they are born... Continue Reading →

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