One Liners #2

Facebook is an opportunity to butt into other people’s conversations without apology or contrition.

When Macbooks replace books for class projects -see movie “Abduction”- it is truly evidence of the decline of our nation’s work ethic.

I’m Batman: I may not kill anyone, but I’ll lecture you severely if you break the rules!!!

“You know what they say. Lie down with the devil, you wake up in hell.” ~CSI MIAMI S1 E7

You know what they say: many wicks or one, you know when you’ve found The One.

Children: Double the hope, triple the disappointment.

The artist is always dirtiest when the masterpiece is complete.

Like water, navigate your life fluidly past obstacles within your path -smooth the edges or circumnavigate.

One never stops learning, they just learn new things in different ways.

You've lent me your ears... now borrow mine:

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