Allow Me to Enjoy my Feeble Protests

They came for me in the crisp cold morning air. The nibble of ice crunched through the air scented with ripening apples. Breath from my nose billowed in clouds thick and fogged, the grumble of the engine  overlaying the rattle of thoughts shaking loose through the veil of apprehension. The chaff of the wind beckons, as... Continue Reading →

Best Friends Forever, Enemies for Life

Friendship means a lot to me. It's hand over heart, where I can feel your heartbeat and you can touch mine. Back to the wall, you'd be by my side, arm in arm prancing down the street. The concept of friendship has diverged into two parts - the reality and the ideal. The ideal is what I... Continue Reading →

Don’t Let Life be Just a Thing

Fear can be the cement block weighing you down 1000 ft below the surface. Hope can be the wings that lend lift to your soul 1000 ft above the clouds. Despair can be the inky scent of swamp and graveyards. Peace can be the clean-smelling air after the rainstorms. Family can be a group of... Continue Reading →

Savoring the Wretched

Dreu was ready and willing to see it all burn down. In this world that despised him, nothing held him captive to the expected codes of social morality. A joke, being nearly invisible yet not absolved from the obvious contempt his very presence brought out of everyone he encountered, like a magnet attracting sharp words and anger. They said,... Continue Reading →

One Liners #2

Facebook is an opportunity to butt into other people's conversations without apology or contrition. When Macbooks replace books for class projects -see movie "Abduction"- it is truly evidence of the decline of our nation's work ethic. I'm Batman: I may not kill anyone, but I'll lecture you severely if you break the rules!!! "You know... Continue Reading →

Dr. So-and-So, I really want to meet you!

***When contacting Professors for grad school be like:: .................................................................................................................. "Dear Dr. [Full Name],   My name is [Your Full Name] and I am interested in attending [University] to study [field, sub-field, topic of interest]. Based on your research and publications, I identified you as a close match to my own interests in [field, sub-field]. After... Continue Reading →

Too Close to Home

Been trying to escape for longer than I was born. Feels like the leash never unclipped, the illusion of freedom still constricts. Resentment gnawing in the background, whittling a tired bone of discontent. Waiting silently becomes equivalent with inhaling monoxide. The sudden burst of anger and anguish at nothing and everything, the irrational desire to... Continue Reading →

Identity #3: Shoes and Other Excuses

Shoes... why you so complicated? I had to go shoe shopping rather urgently, as I was informed that doctor-prescribed-orthopedics-sneakers weren't going to cut it for the workplace, despite my relative lack of funds and overflowing embarrassment. So this weekend, I perused the (limited) shops in the region, peddled my bike up and down the roads - student... Continue Reading →

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