Hands holding the Wretched

With serenity and grace,
Less tears on her face,
A sigh
Singles that cry.

Tracing veins and tissue
Scrape where we miss you,
Saliva and silk;
Clouds of milk.

I secure you,
And procure you;
Cherish the solemn afterglow,
Written in faded tome.

Water droplets that disturb,
Questions that flit and reverb;
Fingertips glancing,
Slightly romancing.

Into beakers, I sing your soul
Work and try to keep you whole;
Shedding wing scales,
Broken guardrails

Hands secure, yet open,
Mind control, yet spoken
Promises an amendment.

I give you the opening line,
Scribble a phrase, make you mine;
The art of threatening,
Days of reckoning.

Dots, lines, and punctuation,
Courtroom’s jury in deliberation;
Order’s restrained,
Glad you came.

Clicking safety, sliding gates,
Tucking the chain beneath your weights;
Forgetting the sincerity,
For hopeless reality.


Phalanges so clinical.
Wine, ever cynical;
Tortured laugh,
Strangled giraffe.

I toss in the dirt, and stare in the hole, 
I kept piecing you together, my only role
To keep you, and save you;
Yet somehow, I fail you.

And so, I too turn to destruction,
Seeking the devil to find my instruction;
Screaming halls,
Echoing calls.

I touch you through the glass,
I breath your essence with every class;
To see you again,
Deceit descends into the glen.

I cry;
The end-

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