Nagging Disconnect

Just enough.

Spoon feed lies with silver
Laced insistence;
I should have warned him that
Tasting laced copper would signal the end.

Just enough.

Gripping the blade is crazy,
Until crazy is all that’s left;
Cutting palms and fingers,
To keep from falling off the edge.

Not enough.

Ribs cage rage of the heart,
Submersed beneath good behavior
Intentions, and restraint;
Is it better to swallow gunpowder?

Never enough.

It’s no wonder you feel the same
Little has changed
So much remains
Yet, strangely foreign.

Just enough hope. enough rope. enough lines. enough coke.
Just choke.

And don’t grip the edge;
Get down from the ledge,
Sit down and talk
Use your words, not attitude, to walk.


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