Grasping Life with Smoke

“I” burn it down.

Smoke, never so captivating
As when it curls in my nostrils,
Tickles my lips.

I take it in, inhale the joy
The filament a lingering figment,
Till my lungs collapse.

A caress deeper than love,
A kiss thrust into my brain;
Gently pushing me under the waves.

I take it in, something attempting
To hold my soul,
To love something…

Connecting to a concept
Seems impossible without you
To smooth my edges and keep “me” steady

I swear I need it just as much as it needs me,
I swear I smoke it just to be free,
I promise that this is the end

The end that never ends,
I disappoint everyone and myself
I cannot open my eyes and be sane.

My brittle focus continues to beguile me,
I love the crystals even more;
They whisper that “I” can stop… tomorrow

The vivid memories I just want to drown,
I slay my demon with a pipe;
Only for it to resurrect tomorrow

Everyone is always too busy,
Too busy to rescue me;
So I tide myself to shore

Questioning my methods,
Never too busy to judge and prove me wrong;
Save it, I’m just trying to save myself.


When has it ever been today?
“I” can’t remember.

Give me some time,
This time make it real;
Make “me” real.

“I” promise to try,
This time
“I’ll” awaken.

Based on emotions from Intervention S15 E07

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