Dissatisfaction: My Life, a Cage

You could swear, you’re living some sort of nightmare right now. You had dreams, goals, ambitions.

Adulthood wasn’t going to be like this.

Holding yourself back was a stupid concept for life. It’s not worth being so miserable. Listening to the wrong people was a mistake. Heeding bad advice was a horrible decision.

You feel like a cheap knockoff of yourself. You planned to be an awesome person, and you haven’t done anything on your “list” yet.

Caged by practicality.

You’re too young for regrets. This sucks.

You need to change your mindset, change your environment, and get the hell out of there!

Hate it!!

Why do you feel like you should be punished for failing yourself?

Your outside doesn’t match your inside. And I know it hurts. The mirror is a bitch. You’re the bitch in the mirror. If eyes are a soul, then your soul is a trigger. Because what you see, is a betrayal. And you’re having trouble with follow through, yet everyone still says they see the good in you. And since you are you, and you don’t believe, the message is a tripped up contradiction.

Fiction. Still dying and trying to become a reality, morality. Confide in you, yet you can’t find the life in you. Any more than you can find the light in me.

True story, your eyes, your life. A dark shadow on a grey world filled with strife. Cut down in your prime with a scythe. Glorious.

It might sound funny. You don’t mind laughing at your pain. You wouldn’t be the last. Or the first.

It’s just not all that funny to me.


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