Out with the Old::: New

It is quiet. The crickets sing in the backdrop of the occasional hiss of tires on distant pavement. Fresh clean air wafts through the screen door, pinging a memory of woods and water and peaceful solitude.

I think back to the old place. The air was never clean. Too often the scent of neighbor’s weed and cigarette smoke tainted the breeze. Exhaust from truck pipes would linger long after they snorting down the street. Rumbling cars with grumbling mufflers, shouts and drunks, fire engines and police cars at all hours of the day and night.

My roommate is asleep. He seems pretty chill.

I’m trying not to laugh too much, I tend to punctuate my sentences with a laugh. He’s tall and white, “bear” comes to mind. He reminds me of my friend “Otter” who was always in the presence of “Wholesome” my other friend. Initial impression is that he is neat, organized and responsible. He’s a casual clean person, as in, shoes on the carpet, but owns cleaning supplies.

He has a sense of humor, seems easy to talk to, and doesn’t mind answering the same question over and over. Apparently, I have no memory today…

He’s also a minimalist. Mom says it’s because he’s a guy, and guys don’t have a lot of stuff. If that’s the case, I need to cut down on my items…

Mom and I had a great laugh over Goss #2’s shenanigans. I moved last week, and all worked well. My $ back in my bank, stuff moved, key provided. I feel great, relaxed. But tired. I really have too much stuff…

Dealing with the Old taught me valuable life lessons.

1 – get all relevant and important information, knowledge is power.

2 – keep good records of financial items, especially rent and utilities.

3 – don’t argue, calmly state options and allow the other party to either succumb or look stupid.

4 – sometimes the illusion of options is necessary for the personality type in question.

5 – settle everything officially, emails are good, in person witnessing is even better.

6 – when it comes to financial items, or other items, ignore appeals from the other party to sympathize with their “bad” situation. They will blow smoke up your ass.

7 – when they wail about tough times, wail harder about your tough times. Sympathy goes both ways.

8 – don’t give unnecessary information to nosy people, they will use it against you

9 – after discussion, email confirmation of “regarding prior conversation” points, cc’ing authority. This will eliminate “misunderstandings”

10 – when you get a check, cash it immediately

11 – check yourself, do you really need to go there? If the answer is no, then don’t

12 – don’t tango with crazy, you’ll never wrap your head around their supposed logic

13 – if something is “impossible” and you know it isn’t, don’t argue. Make the impossible possible.

14 – silent treatment, like rain, can either be a hindrance, or an asset

15 – thank and appreciate the people in your life. Do special things for them, give gifts. They demonstrate sincerity.

16 – don’t sweat the small stuff.


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