I Could scream, I Have screamed, I Continue to scream.

In the first week of July, I opened my eyes to a sunny, bright day. Over breakfast, I felt especially gregarious, and began checking my emails…then surfed FB.

A mistake. To open FB over breakfast (ha! what was I thinking?).

I was blindsided by the wave of hate, the spew of anger, and the caustic vomit of malice. I felt as if I, bleary-eyed and delirious, had somehow stumbled into the middle of a battlefield that had been raging just out of ear shot. And suddenly I see all the blood and emotions, hear the screams of rage and indignation while the caustic insults hurled reflexively from both sides.

What. The. F**k!

Friends against friends, families ripping themselves to pieces. Pulpits erected, soap-boxers ragging like hoarse, abandoned prophets with messages of visceral hate spreading like poison across the internet. Bashing, slashing, making sure the hurt is felt. Cain and Abel -except everyone was a Cain attempting to kill with sharp weaponized words.

And I was the collateral damage. Not a bystander, but somehow, I was also a part of this. It was like arriving at a Thanksgiving reunion, expecting a good meal, and instead you are walking into the equivalent of a verbal and physically assaulting war. I just wanted to scream, to knock skulls together and tell them to WAKE the FUCK UP!

Is this really worth all the wounds inflicted carelessly on friends and strangers? Is “your” perception so narrow, that “you” would squeeze us all in, and force us to conform with “your” words with blunt weapons that flay to the bone?

Does it even matter? What does it really matter in the end? It has nothing to do with “you”. “You” won’t change, “you” won’t change others. “Your” views will remain, “your” belief just as solid. What “you” perceive as a threat is merely “your” own fear.

And fear makes monsters of us all.

You are entitled to have your own perspective. Keep it! You are also entitled to disagree. That’s fine! But you are not entitled to attack others for being different from you.

I wish I didn’t empathize so much and could just stand back, unaffected and blasé. But –and yet– the wrongness is strangling. Stifling.

How far will people go to be “right”? All the way to self-debasement and monstrosity. It’s the equivalent of each side launching nuclear weapons at each other from the other side of the world. The earth is obliterated, and no one is right.

How far we will let a single difference take us before we see how ugly we’ve become?

So much hate. I am ever exposed to the hatred, and the discrimination against people who are different. And it goes both ways. When both sides succumb to hatred, no one can win.

Love seems to always be outnumbered. Happiness drowns in the fray, and all the sunlit dreams we entered into the world with, dies.

Thanks for creating this toxic environment.


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