Incommunicado~Navigate the Lip-flap.

I find it difficult to want to communicate with people via media sometimes. Maybe it comes from years of pen-paling to people who never wrote back. Maybe because I didn’t get a cellphone until long after everyone else was furiously 5-way messaging during class. Or maybe, I just suck at “communication”.

Plus it is getting even more expansive. There was Twitter for short thoughts, Facebook for long monologues, Instagram for visual people, Tumblr for…. something, and a myriad of other platforms I’m frankly too weary to track or understand. In this I can relate with my antiquated predecessors. Despite my glee in embracing technology, this stuff seems pointless.

Geez, just let me skype, chat, google talk, text, email, or call. All this other stuff… I don’t get it. Say hello to my inner old person.

I’d rather code in Python, or build a website with HTML. Personal preference.

On the other hand, I could go days without holding a conversation. It drives people nuts sometimes, because I could easily spend a weekend without saying a word. Attempting conversation with me would invoke monosyllable replies and a vague grunt to indicate I’m still with the living.

I only talk a lot in the right environment/mindset. For example, I could be the mischievous jester, popping jokes all day long among friends. Partly because I like making people smile or laugh, I can ramble on about silly “stuff”, grin, and continue throughout my day.

People expect me to talk, it’s unavoidable. But does talking convey communication?

The common “talk to me not at me” line comes to mind. There is an art to communication, especially when expressing thoughts on any number of mediums.

I don’t know if you’ve ever encountered, what I call “Gozzes”. Gozz always wants to know what you’ve been up to -in vivid explicit detail. If you saw them at work yesterday, Gozz wants to know: where you went after telling Gozz goodbye, how long you were there, what you ate for dinner, what time you slept, what you did upon awakening, when you showered, what you ate for breakfast, how you chose your outfit, and who you encountered on your travel to work. Every moment, of every hour, of every day…

No, Gozz isn’t your mother or girl/boyfriend, wife/husband, or anyone with whom you’ve been nurturing a relationship. Gozz really just wanna know everythingggggg.

I have two Gozzes in my life, and  I think my tight-lipped routine drives the Gozzes a little crazy. Fortunately, Gozz 1 can ramble with Gozz 2 about everything from what to wear, where to go, and what to eat. Usually they distract each other, but when one of the Gozzes is away, the remaining Gozz will turn to me to fill that void.

And I barely talk in their presence, because a) I don’t wanna know their business, and b) my business is none of theirs.

Was there ever a time that people didn’t share everything about themselves to everyone? Maybe pre-FaceBook and MySpace, maybe pre-Internet, back when gossips were the lines of communication. Now, with the abundance of platforms, people can breakup face to face, hurl insults in person, and on Facebook, and on twitter, and on and on. Full nudes can be uploaded, drunk pics can be shared with the world, and entire accounts will be dedicated to poor innocent babes, who will have no control over their forced fame.

I feel sorry for babies. Proud parents flood the internet with a million pictures of the child staring traumatized into the lens: the child in naked moments, the child sleeping -CHILD STALKING!! The baby has barely entered the world, and already it’s privacy is violated. Jeez, forget about the pedophile down the street, anyone could just go to the Facebook page, which is more than likely unprotected, and have all the baby photos they’ll ever need in a lifetime! 20 years later, they’ll be trying to get employed, and those photos will haunt them, possibly impacting their likelihood of employment.

In the maelstrom of dialogue, understand that some of us won’t be talking. We might not care or we might just be listening. Some of us don’t want to be grilled about our personal life, and are not interested in sharing except in those instances when we have given permission to certain people in our lives. Not all of us will be talking 24/7, not all of us will have online accounts or be “accessible”.

How about you just respect that, Gozz?

Respect it and butt out.


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