Caramel covered Popcorn Kernels – a brief observation

This week is an interesting cluster of popcorn kernels smothered in caramel. What is a cluster of popcorn kernels smothered in caramel, you ask? It's when you expected popcorn, and paid for popcorn dipped in caramel, but you're actually served unpopped kernels. Consequently/stubbornly you eat the kernels you were served, breaking teeth in the process.... Continue Reading →

Incommunicado~Navigate the Lip-flap.

I find it difficult to want to communicate with people via media sometimes. Maybe it comes from years of pen-paling to people who never wrote back. Maybe because I didn't get a cellphone until long after everyone else was furiously 5-way messaging during class. Or maybe, I just suck at "communication". Plus it is getting... Continue Reading →

A Slap, a Mirror, a Resolution

"Live responsibly" This morning was a slap to the face. In serious review of the decisions leading to today, I stopped to really ponder the direction I decided to go. Why I did I think in that moment that my decision was the right one? The justification being mere self-indulgence and complete recklessness. And sometimes, it's not enough... Continue Reading →

Joy and Sorrow

Joy. Like angels in coffins Infrequent and precious. Rain like diamonds, Cut like knifes; Sorrow and infrequent desires, Saturate Precious coffers of solitude.

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