Nothing more complicated than the environment. Nothing more disconcerting than returning to a familiar, yet foreign place. Nothing so disheartening as meeting a familiar motive.

History is strange, in that it repeats itself in so many cycles. If my life were the earth, it has revolved already several times. They say history repeats when you don’t learn, but am I learning the wrong lesson? Or am I just forgetting? I don’t forget, but I must have missed something.

I haven’t met my doppelganger, but I have met several copies of my soul. Each, like a reincarnation, are similar yet distinct. I met a better incarnation, and a worse incarnation, each one precious and each one a lesson.

Nothing worse than staring into the mirror and finding that you are falling behind. Depressing. Yet, I’ve been here before, and I’ve survived. So let it burn, so I can emerge tempered and polished. Keen and focused.

Today is a day to blast Disturbed, Demon Hunter,  Deathstar, Dead Poetic.

D-day it is.

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