Sawing Apart Heartstrings

I stand here at the beginning
And wonder how it ends
The stars are silent and still
The sun is gone.

I knew and did not know
That you meant your words
That you didn’t mean what you said
That you spoke both lies and truth

I suddenly feel the pain
That first stings, then escalates
I finally see the tip
Of the knife you slipped through my ribs

I thought my white shirt had finally bloomed roses,
But this viscous stain…
Merely my fatal flaw
Of oblivion to what seemed so obvious to you

Who knew -no, I should have known
Hindsight always makes me so wise;
Mistaking your ambushed thrust,
For a loving embrace.

Perhaps it is my foolishness,
My delusion;
Did I carelessly assume
Your heart to be synonymous with mine?

The mirror and I and two dry eyes,
Would this be the final we walked and spoke side by side?
Aye, would that I could forget,
Would that I could remember that precious fold and wrinkle of time.

Metal never felt so cold
Or a breath so frigid
Than in that moment when i removed my ring
And signed that paper.

I stand here at the end,
And wonder at the beginning.
Why did you speak?
Why did I respond?

{All I ask, is that you cut me clean,
If you are to wound me;
Finish it all,
And finally, finish me.}

Yet I’ve never heard a ripple
So quiet and still.

Based on interpretations and visualizations of portions of "Cha Seok Hoon's" emotions from "Temptation" season 1: episode 9.

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