Trust ~a fragile thread

Trust is a delicate flower,
Blooming throughout the year
In installments, hour by hour,
Devoid of hate or fear.

In miles of faith, through thick and thin,
A promising to stand, by your side,
To protect, to listen, to cherish as kin;
To have your back, remain for the ride.

You wrote your creed, established a bond,
Joined your souls together as one;
You whispered silence, a topic so fond,
Who knew this end had only begun?

Trust grows delicate flowers,
Viewed by some as a fragile con;
Destroy in seconds, build for hours,
Continued structure, careful recon.

Take away the t and trust is rust,
Eroded, slashed and compromised;
Safety net or web, covered in dust,
Giving you a truth, or a series of lies.

Broken trust is like ink,
Designed for harmony
Yet this severed link,
Screams in stained dichotomy.

You've lent me your ears... now borrow mine:

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