Conditional Tombs: A Scenario

In nature, the predictor-prey cycle implies ultimate consumption, balance, and recycling.

Yet nature creates humans, who don’t know diddly squat about balance. In fact, for much of their existence, the human race spends most of its time running amok and creating chaos out of order. Entire species become extinct, other species become overpopulated, and the translocation of species have resulted in rampant pandemics on foreign soil. History is riff with examples of how humans throw the whole system out of balance.

Not merely content with throwing Nature into disarray, the human species specializes on self-eradication. This, combined with an innate arrogance and narcissism, ensures that each delineated unit within the species turns on itself and others. A tiny organism decides it is most important, it is ruler, it is the boss.

Except… each of these organisms claim to be the Boss, so obviously, the last organism standing must be the ultimate BOSS. At first, each organism fights one on one, then the idea of sending representatives is born. Before long, whole armies are in contention over this title, nay, this throne.

Damn the consequences. Damn the costs.

(So, how does this play out?)

Who cares that the last man standing implies there will be no one to rule? Who cares if this organism decides to relocate to more fertile lands to wreak its havoc? Who cares if this organism succumbs to the same fears and short-comings made noxious in history. The fear of death, of being overshadowed by offspring, of being forgotten by history -the list goes on.

In the end, the only adversaries left are fear and death.

And what then? Never die?

Excellent, and once this organism has outlived the world, the galaxy, the entire universe, what then?

What is there left to conquer?

Does this organism then turn on itself?

It’s possible.

So maybe this fearful, eternal organism without home or life will finally succumb to the end.

Because, even vampiric gods want to die eventually.


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