When Honor trumps Loyalty

Life is too short,
A ship with no port;
And I’m too tall a man
To stand next to you, silent and complacent.

I see beauty in your eyes,
Yet that same beauty disguise
Your darkness;
Life’s too short and the night is too dark.

24 hours in a day to make them count,
24 chances a demon to route;
I gave you a day to throw it away
But my honor remains sullied and stained.

Your temptation is palpable
Yet your tale is a parable,
All my love can’t seem to fill
The needle marks in your arms.

Tracks of time and tales of salvation,
Not an excuse for condemnation;
My words don’t seem to reach you
And I can’t die with you.

Life’s too short and I can’t stay,
Sadly I must be on my way,
I pray you find meaning and rescue
Before you burn alone.


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