Liar by Omission

I love the way you lie to me,
Your words, left silent every day
So that I would lower my guard
And think everything was okay.

I love the way you avoid speaking to me,
Talk about me to others
And avoid facing me with your true intentions.

I don’t f**king care, because
After a full life of living and years of knowing
You still didn’t have the balls to talk to me directly
Until now.

Until now.
And it’s not like you even brought it up,
Someone else had to force the words from between your lips
And now I feel violated, because you have manipulated my good intentions,
And all your blithe affidavits and memos saying all was well
Was all just a lie.

A fucking lie.
Better you had joined the rest, and stabbed me in the rib cage,
Than hurt me in this way.

Perhaps, it’s my problem,
Perhaps I should learn not to care that you lie to me
I shouldn’t care about you,
Yes, I should be selfish and forget my humanity
So that your lies will rivulet away
Like water off a duck’s back.

I think the worst part is that I empathized with you so much,
That I muzzled myself.
I really should stop doing that, because you see
It does nobody any good in the end.

Because now you’ve tainted me
My honesty
You have twisted to make me
A liar by omission.

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