Welcome to my Home

The sky is my roof
The air my windows
The grass is plush carpet
The rock a pillow
The trees are air filters
The rivers my vending machines
The field is my market
The hedges my walls
The plants are sculptures
The sunsets my paintings
The stars are my nightlights
The wind the whispers of stories told
The world is my playground
The animals my companions
The desert is my sandbox
The jungle my gym
The lake is my bath
The ocean a swimming pool
The leaves are my curtains
The forest a hiding place
The caves is where I rest
The plains where I run
The shadows are my home
The light shines on my soul
The sun is my lamp
The moon a secret mystery
The ice is my refrigerator
The snow my cushion
The ground is my paper
The coal my pen
The fire is my stove
The lightning my suspense
The storm is my orchestra
The thunder a father’s voice
The rainbow is the perfect gift
The mist a humidifier
The waterfall is a shower
The moss my rug
The moist air is febreeze
The static a spark
The volcano is my heating system
The lava a construction crew
The tornado is my vacuum
The hurricane a swiffer
The conflagration is my recycling system
The floods, an irrigation
The meadow is my garden
The mountains my treadmill
The valleys are rest stops
The fountains a Jacuzzi
The springs are my water fountain
The fruit trees my snack bar
The shells are my currency
The cliffs my thrill
The rainstorm is my wash machine
The windstorm my dryer
The avalanche is my rollercoaster
The sandstorm my survival game
The oasis is my spa
The artesian a blessing
Earth, fire, water, wind,
These are my guardians.

You've lent me your ears... now borrow mine:

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