Why I can’t stand Rom-Coms

Possible spoilers regarding B&B (Beauty and the Beast) tv show on CW. 
Dunno, the term "spoilers" have a broad range definition these days, might as well give you a heads up. 
Aaaand, this should be fine under "free usage" for "review purposes" (hey, "youtube" burned me well, so I cover my bases).

Actually, I should title this, “Why I despise strongly dislike Rom-Coms” aka Romantic Comedies.

Because I have, for one reason or another, found myself watching a film, or an episode of a Rom-Com against my will while hating every moment.

I hear you snickering, but hey, I was trying to be nice and bond by watching some of their stuff after I made them sit through all 7 Saw films + the Collection/Collector with me. I figured they’d earned the right to have me watch some of their fav stuff, right? Especially since they’re still kinda traumatized and are still screaming awake from night terrors…

Kidding about the night terrors, but you see what I’m saying, right? It’s only fair that I suffer share and watch what they enjoy watching. Barf bag at the ready.

I came home from work one day and my housemate, “Collaborative”, was watching TV. As I am a sucker for TV based entertainment (just try and drag me away from the television -I dare you!) I ambled over, the words “what-cha watching?” tripping off my tongue.

“Beauty and the Beast” replied Collaborative, starry eyed and practically oozing empathy for the characters.

“…oh,” I commented flatly.

Memory dragged up scenes from the last time I’d attempted to watch the CW show, back in 2012 when the hype and advertisements made it appear to be much darker, grittier, and more sensible than it actually turned out to be, in my opinion.

Instead, it was a glitter filled horror filled with the futility of love sickness, and a female MC (main character) who seemed more focused on her love life than solving murders that occurred in her district. She’s supposed to be a homicide detective, but the majority of her time was spent mooning over MC 1, and debating on whether they were “right” for each other. rather than solving crimes. And seriously, the way the writers wrapped up some of the “crimes” are really quite questionable if you aren’t distracted by the romantic drama at the forefront.

Sadly, I’m starting to realize that many romantically geared TV shows and films suffer from the fatal flaws of poor plots/plot holes, oh-so-convenient scenarios, and unrealistic -borderline stupid- characters who go above and beyond the expected decisions/thoughts/motivations of a “normal” individual within that scenario.

Take Beauty and the Beast (CW) for example. The promos made it seem more focused on the MC 1 and his pursuit for “justice” after being used and abused by the experimental military  branch he consigned to. Unfortunately, the show seemed to focus on the romantic attraction and miscommunication between 2 or more MCs, a forced romantic triangle that I had trouble believing was even sincere, and a milieu of terrible decisions that resulted from miscommunication. For me, the show would have been more interesting if it had focused more on the MC’s “tasks”. When one MC is a cop and the other is the byproduct of a government conspiracy and a secret military project, I would have expected more effort from the writers, to flesh out this aspect of their “lives”. Instead, there were strange plot decisions that made the plot seem rather unrealistic. The highly glossed-over manhunt for MC 1, which both MCs tend to ignore on a regular basis, for example, just smacked of sloppiness. I mean, seriously? If you have law enforcement, questionable military ops, federal branches, and government sanctions hunting you down on a untiring basis, would you waltz into plain view with some chick simply to “see the town” or be her date to the wedding? What makes this worse is that despite the much emphasized ability that the “hunters” utilize and access various surveillance to track down MC-1 any other day of the week, for these particular events, it appears that no one really cared to track down this person, for the duration of the event for which MC-1 came out of hiding.

Yes, apparently if you really have a date with your significant other, you can call a “time-out” on your own manhunt. And for our next trick, I will share tips on how to convince your significant other to go see other people, then get mad when they take your advice. I’m only being reasonable, ya know, should have realized I didn’t mean a word I screamed at you earlier about hating you. Ob-viouslayyyy (valley girl accent).

And why is it that every time a girl “falls in love” in film and tv shows, she automatically becomes a empty-headed, and rather stupid, character? Why does she have to “change”, adapt, wait, forgive? Maybe the guy would like take on some of these character components, get in touch with his feminine side for a few frames.

And do NOT get me started on “50-shades-of-”  *vomit.

For every movie, must there be a romantic component? Especially in action films, thrillers, etc. where that love and romance introduction does nothing but distract the MC from completing crucial tasks and making/enacting important decisions?


Give me a good ol’ horror/thriller any day. Although the genre has its flaws (aside from Aliens vs Preditors, I have yet to see minority characters make it to the bitter end), at least the dumber characters die sooner, rather than later.

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